Pixel sprite for my Rockstar friend

A while ago I posted some of my pixel creations, and here’s another one I made for a friend about 6 years ago when we were both studying at university.


It’s a sprite for a platform game he was developing.




Walking sprite.




Jumping sprite.




This particular game never got passed early prototyping stage, but my friend now works at Rockstar Games and he was part of creating Grand Theft Auto V.

How to make use of stickers

This is how I decorated my notebook for the first days of July’s happy notes.

I started of with an empty spread, a 0.35 black ink pen and a sheet of stickers.



Using the pen I outlined the boxes that will hold my happy notes.



The fun part is putting the stickers on the pages!



At the end I added some doodles, and then all that’s left are the happy memories to be scribbled down each day.


Newest stationery additions

I got myself a magnetic penholder, 12 notebooks, label stickers and a soft pouch. All in different shades of pink. They come from fallindesign.com and the shipping took about 10 days from Korea to Sweden. Everything was nicely packed and I’ll probably return as a customer in the future.



I’m keeping my most commonly used pens and other papery craft supplies in my pink pouch, and I’ve attached the penholder to one of my notebooks. I like the fact that the penholder is magnetic so I can easily put in on whatever notebook I’m currently writing/doodling in. The magnet is pretty strong and it attaches even to notebooks with thicker covers.



The pink leathery sticker labels will be put in my pink journal I’ve bought for next year. Yes, I like to plan ahead. (I got this journal from a small shop in Gothenburg, Sweden.)



The twelve small notebooks have lined papers and I think you’re supposed to keep your monthly to-do lists in them. I usually only go for notebooks with blank papers, but I just couldn’t resist the cute illustrations on the covers. I haven’t yet decided what to use these notebooks for. I don’t tend to save my to-do-lists and I’d like to put things in these that I’d want to go back and look at even after the pages have been filled.



A true digital native

My 1.5 year-old toddler already knows how to use my Windows Phone. He swipes to unlock the screen, scrolls down to tap on his favorite YouTube-videos that are pinned and starts playing them. He knows how to bring up the “hidden” buttons to pause or play the video, and he knows how to browse related videos to find new favorites. He also knows how to use the back-button if he accidentally pressed something unintentionally, and use the home-button to go back to the start screen. He knows that the search-button brings up Cortana and he’ll start talking to her (but unfortunatelly she doesn’t recognize his babble).

Once in a while he will pick up the phone and put it against the back of his head, not ear, and start walking back and forth babbling, probably imitating how his father usually paces around while he’s on the phone. Sometimes our toddler does the same thing with the remote control for our entertainment system; he puts it against his head and starts speaking loudly. I guess the remote bears a resemblance to the phone even though the remote has physical buttons. In a similar fashion he taps and swipes on glassy surfaces, such as photo frame, expecting them to be interactive just like a touch device. I find it amusing that he expects undigitized objects to behave digitally, instead of the other way around like older generations.

PS. Today he wrote his first tweet via his father twitter alias.

Weekly finds

Fun, useful and/or interesting things I’ve come across lately on the web:

  • WinJS Playground is a great place to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript or TypeScript to experiment with the WinJS library.
  • HTML5 UP! has very nice site templates that are fully responsible and free under Creative Commons.
  • Hilarious video of living with lag, in real life.
  • Windows 8.1 gallery showcasing some of the best apps with great design.
  • The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) illustrates how a business meeting might be like for an engineer.

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Felt numbers

My 1,5 year old son is fascinated by numbers so I made some for him to play with. I cut the digits out in felt and hand-stitched them together in two layers to make them more sturdy. They are great for sticking onto a handmade felt board, arranging in rows, and stacking in piles.



I like making cute stuff and creating digital things